General Terms & Conditions

Article 6 Delivery, Delivery Dates, Delayed Approval
The deadlines stipulated in the proposal apply to either the complete or partial delivery of the results. If delivery dates have been agreed upon, these deadlines will be extended, if necessary, until the time at which the client provides IFM MANNHEIM with the necessary details and documentation required to complete the order. If research results are not delivered within the deadline due to reasons supplied by IFM MANNHEIM, the client may determine an appropriate period of time within which the results must be delivered, or the order will be rejected.

Once the deadline has passed, the client may withdraw from the contract insofar as the services stipulated in the order have not been rendered. If it can be proven that the client is no longer interested in the services that have already been rendered to them in part, they may withdraw from the contract in this respect.

IFM MANNHEIM is not responsible for delays to delivery caused by superior (statutory or administrative) orders or conditions which are beyond the control of the tenderer (e.g. current limitations for a trade partner). The client will be informed of the beginning and end of any such delays as soon as possible.

Article 7 Conditions of Payment
The fees agreed upon are used to finance the research in question. Consequently, one half of the fees agreed upon is payable upon approval of the order, and the remaining half is payable upon delivery of the results. A regulation may be made to the contrary unless the research method or order volume indicates otherwise.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made within 14 days after the invoice has been received.
If partial invoices are also overdue at this point, other invoices not yet due will then be payable at that time by the same client.

Payment is considered complete once IFM MANNHEIM is able to access the amount.

If payments fall into arrears, we are entitled to apply interest of 5% above the basic interest rate of the ECB in accordance with the Diskont-Überleitungsgesetz [Discount Transition Act].

A bill of exchange or checks will only be accepted upon agreement and as conditional payment. They are considered as payment once they have been redeemed. Discount and collection charges are borne by the client. We assume no liability for the timely presentation of the items concerned.


Article 8 Exclusivity, Confidentiality
The client alone is provided with research reports expressly for their own use.

IFM MANNHEIM is obliged to process all information provided by the client confidentially and to use the information exclusively for the purpose of completing the order.

IFM MANNHEIM is unable to guarantee the exclusivity of certain product categories, research objects or research methods except where this has been expressly agreed.

If exclusivity has been agreed, the period during which this applies and, if necessary, any fees payable are to be stipulated.


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