Basic research

19basic research


We develop new methods and theories in "Marktpsychologie" as part of our basic research. We work together with the University of Münster to conduct basic research into new scientific fields such as brand neuroeconomics and psychology. Together with Pforzheim University, we are conducting research into buyer behavior. Our employees are guest lecturers for a popular advanced seminar on "Special Market Research Methods: Test and Experiment".

Thanks to this basic research, a great number of theses and publications have been developed on new aspects of market research.


We are working on the following aspects of market research:


• Factors that contribute towards successful packaging designs at POS

• Implicit research methods

• Research into the effect of cultural sponsoring

• Functional food

• Neuropsychology

• Behavioral finance


Both conscious (explicit) and subconscious (implicit) processes affect how consumers make decisions as to which brand, product and design to choose. Our basic research involves validating new, implicit research tools.


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