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Analyses for dm Extranet users


dm Extranet helps you to answer a range of different questions by providing relevant sales and customer data. However, it is often still the case that a suitable report for a particular question is not available or that the collection or period required can not be selected in the report provided.


Plus, there are simply questions which cannot be answered by analyzing purchasing information. In these cases, IFM MANNHEIM – also an Extranet user – is able to offer you a broad range of additional services in analysis and research that are customized to suit your questions.




Customer analyses (Customer Relationship Management)


(Base: all dm customers with payback cards)
We compile reports for you that are similar to those provided in Extranet but which contain different fields for collections or periods, as well as for selected subsidiaries or customers. Moreover, we offer you in-depth analyses customized to suit your requirements and questions:


• Category segmentation

• Buyer typologies

• Buyer migration




Receipt analyses


(Base: all customer receipts, not limited to receipts with payback cards)
How extensive are your customers' receipts? Which items are often bought together? There are currently no reports available from dm Extranet which answer these kinds of questions. Learn more about: 


• The length and value of receipts

• Receipt content



Controlled Store Tests


We review your measures in real-life situations, usually at between 10 and 20 dm stores, before implementing them on a national level. Research methods that have been tried and tested in practice guarantee a scientific foundation upon which you can base your decisions regarding:

• Changes to your collection

• Marketing measures

• Pricing

• Positioning options/design layout



Shopper insights


The motives, attitudes and behavior of your customers when they purchase an item can only be understood by using methods to analyze sales data. Observing customers and conducting questionnaires at a POS or in the test studio deepen your understanding of how customers think and react. The following methods allow you to complete the information available from sales data and also make you understand your customers more fully:


• Eye tracking

• Accompanied shopping

• Shadowing

• Observation methods

Additional analyses for users of dm Extranet (read more)




Psychological Category Management


IFM MANNHEIM introduces a holistic concept of Psychological Category Management based on longtime knowledge of market-psychological fundamental research.


Psychological Category Management supports the entire process from the category definition, the creation of category-tactics up to the evaluation of your measures. Our recommendations are based on the knwoledge of the shopper-logic within the category.


Read more about Psychological Category Management






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