Test studio

15test studio


Our test studio is located in the pedestrian zone of Mannheim's city center which lies at the heart of Rhein-Neckar region with a population of approx. 2.4 million. A marketing study conducted by the University of Mannheim proved that this region is representative of the old federal states and can therefore also be used as a test market. We conduct cross-regional studies with reliable partners in other locations.


Studio facilities: Group discussion room, a separate observation room including one-way glass, separate test spaces (some with shelves for shelf tests), CAPI spaces, TVs/video recorders/DVD players.


In a separate observation room with one-way glass you can hear and see what and how customers think about companies, brands and products as part of focus groups and during one-to-one conversations.


As experienced market psychologists, we guarantee to carry out and facilitate your research in a professional manner, interpret results as well as provide conclusions and recommendations.