Focus groups/group discussions

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Focus groups or group discussions are certainly counted amongst the most frequently used qualitative research methods. Their great advantage is often considered to be the fast and effective way in which consumer opinions can be gathered. Moreover, such groups allow clients to meet their customers in person.


We also consider them to be a highly useful tool, but particularly strive to use them with care and appropriately. We are also happy to provide our customers with advice on whether group discussions or qualitative, individual interviews would be the best option. If group discussions are deemed the best option, then we are not only careful to observe quality standards when recruiting participants, but we also carefully consider which kind of group structure would be most appropriate and deliver the best results (homogeneity vs. heterogeneity, theoretically relevant characteristics of group discussion participants, etc.).


It also goes without saying that group dynamics and their possible effect on the group are included in the criteria we use to compile our analysis.