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Approximately 50,000 brands along with their products and services are currently available on the German market. Considerably strong brands are able to retain first and second choice buyers on a permanent basis.



Corporate branding
Employees who identify themselves with their company and contribute with their work performance to the success of the company are the human capital of each company. Employer branding encourages that employees with potential will apply.



Brand Success® – Measuring brand strength for brand management
Are brands strong enough? Sales figures and brand awareness alone are not able to provide a reliable answer. Brand Success® was developed using extensive basic research and numerous applications to become the only valid and reliable behavioral measurement model to date. Brand Success® uses data that can be measured objectively and allows brand strength to be analyzed with precision even in comparison with competitors. The analysis also reveals how the brand's strengths can be promoted.



Brand Explorer® – psychological brand analysis
The fictional brand present in the consumer's mind consists of two parts: a conscious brand image which conventional survey methods are able to uncover, and an almost entirely subconscious brand image which can only be determined through using in-depth psychological methods. Being able to identify this psychological brand image is also necessary for being able to communicate the brand effectively and for testing brand fits provided in testimonials given by celebrities.