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IFM packaging success

46IFM packaging success


Our psychological research into design and packaging provides the knowledge required to make an informed decision. We do not allow this decision to be made by a design jury.


We bring products into line by analyzing factors that lead to success: Functionality, uniqueness, brand fit, the effectiveness of communication, sympathy, identifying potential areas for improvement including benchmarking.


Since "Marktpsychologie" possesses all of the every day neuropsychological methods, it can be used to examine how packaging can reduce the complexity of the buying decision. This is what happens when the consumer's brain makes an implicit decision in just a few seconds. Whether it is actually possible to reduce the complexity of the buying process is investigated through using reaction time-based implicit packaging tests. 


POS design must convince the customer within just a few seconds.
POS design has to speak to the emotions, communicate the product's value, make the brand recognizable and different to others and must sufficiently stand out amongst the competition.


IFM Packaging Success® can be as a concept test also conducted online. Are dummies available, so research is done at the POS or in the test studio.