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Customers at a POS often make their decisions intuitively based on implicit decision processes and without lingering too long in front of the shelf.


Visual codes guide how a customer looks at the shelf before they even read any text. The success of marketing measures can only be properly estimated by observing real situations at a POS.


By using methods which we have designed specially for the POS, we are able to understand the customer's orientation, search and decision processes and measure how effective marketing measures really are. We combine our expertise in "Marktpsychologie" with our well-founded understanding of category management to make a POS into a success.


We look through the customer's eyes. We combine methods used in "Marktpsychologie", such as behavior observation and shopper surveys, with market experiments and sales analyses. We are thus able to provide a comprehensive interpretation of how customers behave at a POS.


On the basis of these results, we provide conclusions and recommendations that are used to develop strategies and to form marketing measures.